Danny Hahn is the author of The Muddy Light of Day, Primeval Cinema, a collection of essays on art, & various works of fiction for the screen. His specialist field of interest is in quietness, stasis, reflection & daydream. In his cultural works, he writes about artists such as Ozu, Bresson, Dreyer & Tati in cinema, Stravinsky, Bartók, & Wagner in music, & Nietzsche, Schopenhauer & Proust in literature. His lectures have included works on audiovisual aesthetics & a phenomenology of sonority. His published books can be purchased here, & in leading bookstores.

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The Muddy Light of Day

On Daydreaming

Danny Hahn writes for those who have ever gazed into empty space – lost in thought. Poetic and aphoristic, The Muddy Light of Day explores the nature of reflection and daydreaming in this phenomenological journey of aesthetic life.

ISBN – 9780993338618   Price – £12.99   Publisher – Zarathustra Books   


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Primeval Cinema

Quietness in Film

Emptiness, stillness and quietness in film are explored in Danny Hahn’s poetic essay – a proposal for resurrecting a style of aesthetic cinematic primitivism.

ISBN – 9780993338619   Price – £12.99   Publisher – Zarathustra Books 



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Written for the Screen

When a local workman is hired to paint a mysterious house for a young couple, his overwhelming sexual jealousy imprisons him in a life of obsession and voyeurism.

ISBN – 9780993338612   Price – £6.99   Publisher – Zarathustra Books


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Second Sleep

Written for the Screen

An erotic nightmare leads Jamie to explore the root of his sexual problems.

ISBN – 9780993338615   Price – £6.99   Publisher – Zarathustra Books