Danny Hahn – Writer

Danny spent much of his life in the Alpine valleys of Switzerland and the mountainous hinterland of Ceredigion in Wales. After training as a violinist and studying film, he worked for a long period as a film composer, sound designer and university lecturer, while often collaborating with his father Professor Detlef Hahn in writing and recording projects. He published his first story The Noon Bell in 2016, and his essay Quiet Cinema shortly after. He has since been writing books and aphorisms on dreams, memory, cinema, music, philosophy and art, as well as a collection of short stories. Cultivating his style and ideas on the hidden qualities of aesthetic phenomena, Danny’s works explore the submerged, the forgotten, and the intangible in a phenomenology of impressions. He is currently working on a collection of reflections and aphorisms entitled Hidden Layers.

This website is a collection and journal of Danny’s works.
Read more about Danny Hahn’s writing and life here, in his essay My Life in Abstractions.

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