The Noon Bell

An alpine region of Switzerland sets the scene in this poetic and philosophical novella about dreams and daydreaming. Hypersensitive to the sounds of nature, and intoxicated by the resonant chimes of the village church bell, the introspective narrator explores the nature of his memory, contemplation and nostalgia associated with the sound of the alpine valley.

ISBN – 9780993338618   Price – £12.99   Publisher – Zarathustra Books   


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 Quiet Cinema

Quietness in film is discussed in this poetic essay, introducing ideas such as audio opacity and audio framing. Audio-viewed with fresh senses, the films of Ozu, Dreyer, Tati, Asquith, Hitchcock, Tarkovsky and many more are collected together in an attempt to reawaken the attitude towards sound and its representation in the later part of the silent era.

ISBN – 9780993338619   Price – £12.99   Publisher – Zarathustra Books