The Noon Bell

A quiet study of sound, smell and daydreaming, The Noon Bell explores the delights and fears of remembering and forgetting. Written in twelve aphoristic chapters and told during the twelve resonant chimes of a village church bell, an Alpine region of Switzerland sets the scene in this poetic and philosophical short story about the search for a recurrent dream.

  • ISBN – 9780993338632   
  • Price – £6.99   
  • Publisher – Zarathustra Books   





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 Quiet Cinema

(release date TBC)

A study in the poetics of audio dynamics, Quiet Cinema strives to cultivate the colour of sound in film. Introducing ideas such as audio opacity and audio framing, the introspective narrator attempts to remould the cinematic soundtrack in this imaginative essay about the search for quietness.

  • ISBN – TBC
  • Price – TBC
  • Publisher – Zarathustra Books