Cinematic Compositions

Frozen Landscape

A minimal, textural composition with a harmonic suspension describing long, empty, cold, barren scenes. Created with continuous pitch, high register sounds of the continuum fingerboard and the time-stretched harmonics of a violin, this piece compliments images of frozen landscapes, lonely figures, and the feeling of deep, psychological conflict.


Using a full string ensemble with piano, this pizzicato composition describes time passing, travelling, season changes, flashback memories, montage sequences, moody transitions, establishing shots, time-lapse, and characters lost in contemplation and reflection.

City Night Theme

With a slight 1980’s synthesiser quality, this track describes a city night theme, conjuring images of dark, moody streets with flashing neon lights.

Path to Success

A hurried, positive, energetic piano solo piece describing a scene of progress and success. Building up to a climax, this composition acts as a theme suitable for images of hard work in progress, projects being completed, satisfaction from training, successful missions accomplished, and challenges being overcome.

Surreal Insects

A wacky, off-beat track using a collection of vintage synthesisers and circuit bent synths. With electronic rumbles, croaks, pops, screeches and buzzing noises accompanied by an ambiguous beat and inconclusive melody, this surreal composition describes animated, fantasy insects in the world of undergrowth.

Last Orders

A slow, moody, melancholic piano and saxophone piece describing a drunken or lonely character in a sleazy bar or empty city street. With low pitched, long reverberations and muddy chords, this composition suits a film noir, or mystery genre.

Hidden Waters

In the hidden depths of aquatic life yet undiscovered by man, otherworldly images and sounds arouse our imagination. This surreal composition mixes tranquil murmurs and sombre reverberations with unpredictable shimmers of movement to describe an underwater scene. Using a collection of live string and wind instruments along with a selection of unique, home-made synthesisers, this piece captures the mystery of the deep.