Jul 152017

Me, travelling past Schloss Tarasp. 2017.


A Journey Through the Engadine Valley in Switzerland

The Noon Bell was written in 2016 in Scuol, a small village in the Engadine Valley. Taken from my album Nocturnes, Caprices & Serenades, below is a recording of the same noon bell, goat bells and sounds of the Swiss region which inspired the creation of my book. Taking my microphone to the mountain station Prui, to the alpine village of Guarda, on the trains to St. Moritz, and around the lake Tarasp – this is the sound of the Alps; this is the sound of The Noon Bell.

The Noon Bell

  • ISBN – 9780993338632
  • Price – £6.99
  • Publisher – Zarathustra Books


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