Nov 012017

“I hear an Alpine symphony of raw noise. How aesthetic natural sound can be! – Every little vibration entirely uncultivated and wild. I hear the flap of several bird wings disperse like an ocean spray as a distant train from a small mountain station startles them. I hear a faint running stream accompany the tones of the noon bell – barely audible, distinguished only because of its sharper frequency. Unlike the evenly spaced notes of manmade compositions, the music of the wind has a rich chromaticism, swirling thinly like a whispering choir. The bird song too is far from human melody – it is a highly dissonant, arpeggiated cluster, screeching with little dynamic variety. The overall combinations of these sounds create a harmonic suspension – a relentless musical tension exposing my ears to a series of prolonged unfinished cadences with no resolution.”
Extract taken from The Noon Bell

The Noon Bell was written in 2016 in Scuol, a small village in the Engadine Valley. Below is a recording of the same noon bell, goat bells and sounds of the Swiss region which inspired the creation of my book. Taking my microphone to the mountain station Prui, to the alpine village of Guarda, on the trains to St. Moritz, and around the lake Tarasp, I recorded and composed this musical sound design to bring the reader closer to the Alps.

The Noon Bell
– 9780993338632

A quiet study of sound, smell and daydreaming, The Noon Bell explores the delights and fears of remembering and forgetting. Written in twelve aphoristic chapters and told during the twelve resonant chimes of a village church bell, an Alpine region of Switzerland sets the scene in this poetic and philosophical short story about the search for a recurrent dream.

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