Nov 042017

My essay Quiet Cinema was published sometime after I completed a couple of feature film projects in Finland. I was the Composer and Sound Designer for Mika Rantonen’s And White Was The Night, and much of the quiet, subtle audio-visual techniques and aesthetic styles of Quiet Cinema emerged from this very film, where I had the practical pleasure of experimenting with music and sound to formulate the principle ideas for my book.

Some of the proposed tools of Quiet Cinema had already physically emerged organically in the post production process of And White Was The Night, such as the techniques of Audio Opacity, Counterpoint, Asynchronism, Dissonance, and Audio Framing.

Below is another film I did the sound and music for in Finland with Mika Rantonen, which develops further on the ideas discussed in the book Quiet Cinema, such as Sound Leitmotiv, The Economy of Sound, and Transitional Diegesis.

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